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Visitors: Who should you invite?

• Somebody who lives or works in the local area of your chapter.

• Somebody whose business does not conflict with any existing members of the chapter.

• Somebody who is looking to grow their business.

How to Invite?

• Use the BNI postcards.

• Use trusted third party referrals – people recommended by family and friends.

• Use the invite a visitor function on the BNI App.

• Use the BNI Connect invitation module.

• Send a letter.

• Just ask your contacts when you’re speaking to them!

• Utilise social media channels to promote your chapter and the businesses that are represented.

Turning Visitors into Members

• Give your visitor a warm welcome – treat them as you would any potential client for your own business.

• Run a great meeting, full of energy.

• Make sure your Visitor Hosts are looking after each visitor and they answer their questions during the Visitor Orientation.

• Visitor Hosts shouldn’t be scared to ask if they want to apply to join – The Membership Committee can then select the best applicants for your chapter. 

• Most of all, show visitors what they would be missing out on if they didn’t join BNI. Do this by passing lots of high quality referrals in your meetings.

• The rest should sell itself!

Follow Up

• Phone call – call your visitor on the same day that the meeting took place to thank them for visiting and ask if they are going to apply to join your chapter. If you can’t get through straight away, try calling back the following morning.

• Email or text - if you’re still unable to get through, send an email or text message to thank the visitor for attending.

• Social media - another effective way of following up is through social media channels. At the end of the meeting Tweet the visitor to say thank you for coming along.

Read more about the initiative here           

Good Luck!!





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