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On this page you will find a variety of articles, short films and other pieces of content to help you get the most from your BNI membership. We want to bring you useful informaiton that will help you grow your business, develop your skill-set and build stronger relationships with your BNI colleagues.

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BNI Boosts Networking Opportunities with Record Number of Visitors

BNI has announced that it has broken a new record for the number of unique visitors attending its networking meetings.



BNI Shares Why Referrals Are The Most Powerful Way To Grow A Successful Business

BNI Members worldwide generated over $20.6 billion in revenue in the past twelve months alone. 


BNI Ireland Celebrates 25 Years

We're delighted to celebrate 25 years of BNI being in Ireland, helping business owners to gain more client referrals, extend their networks and build longlasting relationships. Find out more here

  INW2021   Living Proof of Givers Gain   Niri Patel - ED BNI Yorkshire  

International Networking Week 2021

INW2021 is a BNI global initiative and an opportunity for members to show their appreciation of their customers, suppliers or fellow members. Find out more here


Becoming the Top Referrer

As someone who has given over £2m of referrals as a BNI member, we wanted to pick Richard Bould's brain to see what the secret is. He is living proof of Givers Gain!


A Life Long Journey of Learning

This short interview with Niri Patel looks at his journey of lifelong learning. Key to his success and growth. Also, re-watch his Facebook Live session from September 2020

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5 Steps to Converting Referrals

Referrals are the lifeblood of many organisations. In this article we look at 5 simple steps to increase the chances of converting referrals.


Working from Home

Distractions abound, it's easy for homeworking to descend into a den of poor productivity. Founder of BNI, Dr Ivan Misner, shares his top tips!


Make Cold Calling Warm

No-one likes cold calling and noone likes receiving cold calls. This short film shares a technique that makes cold calling effective. Enjoy!

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Training is There to Help You!

When times are tough, developing your skillset is more important than ever before. Here we share some of the ways in which you can access BNI training.


Become a BNI Online Pro

Here we share 7 top tips from members and Directors to presenting the best you each week, helping you become a BNI Online Pro!


Making Downtime Work for You

Many professionals are finding themselves with extra downtime - a golden opportunity to develop yourself. Here we share a few ideas to help you make the most of it.

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Get Involved in Friends and Family Week

We are very excited to run Friends and Family Week which will take place across the country. Find out more about what it is and why you should get involved.


Listen to the President

JFK challenged citizens to look at the role they can play. Here we translate this to the visitor experience and what each member can do to make a difference.


Feedback is a Gift

Feedback is vital to developing our businesses and ourselves, but how often do we seek it out or offer it up? Feedback is a gift - time to treat it as such.



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BNI In The Community - €60,000 So Far!

169 chapters across the UK & Ireland have qualified for donations to local charities of their choice via the BNI Foundation. Find out who and how here.


Givers Gain Membership Grant 2020

Have you set up your business in 2020 or know someone that has? Find out how you can benefit from BNI and potentially receive a membership grant. Find out more.


Present to Make a Difference

Your time is valuable, so is your reputation. Don't waste either by delivering dull presentations with no purpose. Here are a few ideas to consider.



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