Which events are near me?

Follow http://www.bni.ie/findameeting.php and enter a Town or County to find all the local groups in your area.  You can then click on the individual group name and be guided to their website.

Do i need to visit a meeting before joining?

Yes, you would need to visit a group first, to make sure that it's suitable for you and visiting a group will also give you an idea of how we work. You can find out which groups you can visit here. http://www.bni.ie/findameeting.php Just enter your Town or County to find all the local groups in your area.

What can i expect when I visit?

This is an opportuntiy to network to generate more business so bring lots of business cards. At the meeting, all of the members will get a chance to introduce their business and, assuming your profession isn't already represented, then you will have a chance to tell others about your business.

Can anyone join BNI?

Yes, any business person can join, but we only allow one representative from each trade or profession to join any BNI group. This means you can lock out your competition, ensuring you receive 100% of all new business.

Can I come along with my work colleague?

Yes, two visitors can attend a meeting, however only one can join that particular group. To find a meeting near you please visit http://www.bni.ie/findameeting.php Simply enter your Town or County to find all the local groups in your area.

What is the cost to visit a group?

When visiting a group there will be meeting fees, including refreshments, which tend to vary between €10-€15

Can you attend other group meetings?

The best results come from attending your own group and building relationships, however there are opportunities to network across your region and throughout the organisation both nationally and internationally.

Do you have to attend every week?

Success is based on building strong relationships and attending meetings is a crucial way to do this. We understand that sometimes you will have holiday or may be ill, so you can send somebody else to attend on your behalf.

Is BNI always a breakfast meeting?

We have long recognised the need to work smarter. That's why our meetings generally take place at breakfast, finish before the business day starts and run to an effective 20 point agenda. We don't come together for a coffee and a cosy little chat. Our sole reason for attending our weekly meetings is to net-WORK to generate more business. Although the majority of meetings take place in the morning, we doi have groups that meet at other times of the day.

Is there a fee or cost to join?

Yes there are annual fees. All of the details are provided when you visit a meeting.

What do i get for my membership fee?

A team of people to help grow and share your business by word of mouth and recommendation and training to help support you to make the most of your membership.

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