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On this page you’ll find the all-important rules and small print of the initiative:BNI Rules

• Important Dates

• Application Forms

• Regional Stage - The Small Print

• National Stage - The Small Print

• Notification of Winners


Important Dates

• The Regional Stage will run from Monday 27th January - Friday 27th March 2020.

• The National Stage will run from Monday 20th April - Friday 15th May 2020 but will include all applications received by chapters from the start of the Regional Stage (ie all applications dated 27th January - 15th May 2020.)

• There will be an intermission between the end of the Regional stage and beginning of the National stage to allow for results to be collated. The dates of the intermission are 28th March – 19th April 2020.

• All applications dated within the initiative period must be sent to the your Regional BNI Office by the following dates in order to be included in the final results:

  Regional Stage: 3rd April 2020
  National Stage:  22nd May 2019

Application Forms

• Only new member applications dated between the dates for the relevant stage of the initiative will be eligible and the date on the new member’s application form will be deemed their official joining date.

• All new members must have paid their €180 BNI registration fee.

• Members who re-join with a certificate of credit and are not required to pay the joining fee, are not counted as a new member.

Regional Stage - The Small Print

• A qualifying chapter is any chapter that recruits 6 new members into their BNI chapter during this stage of the initiative. These chapters will then go on to participate in the National stage of the initiative.  

• Each chapter that brings in 4 or 5 new members will earn a donation of €200 for the charity of their choice. Any chapter that brings in 6 new members will earn €500 for their charity. Note that this is not in addition to the €200. 

• If your chapter does not achieve the minimum target of recruiting six new members into your chapter within the initiative period, you will not be eligible to participate in the National stage.

National Stage - The Small Print

• There are two charity donations available to chapters during this stage. Each prize is for €1,000 and the two prizes will be awarde for the chapters with:

  1.  Most new members recruited by a chapter since the the start of the regional stage.
  1.  Highest % of new members as a  % of the chapter's membership at the start of the regional stage .

• Where there is a tie between 2 or more chapters, then the national winners will be decided according to the following criteria.

For Prize 1 - Most New Members:

  1. Net growth of the chapters during the entire period of the initiative from the beginning of the regional stage.
  2. Highest net growth as a % of their membership from the beginning of the regional stage.

For Prize 2 - Highest % of new members as a  % of the chapter's membership at the start of the regional stage:

  1. Highest net growth as a % of their membership from the beginning of the regional stage.

Notification of Winners

• All chapters that qualify for a charitable donation during the Regional Stage will be notified by their Executive Director.

• National stage winners will be announced via video, which will be released on BNI's social media channels at he beginning of June 2020.


Charity Selection

Chapters will be able to select the charity of their choice to donate their winnings. Leadership Teams have the final decision on this. Selected charities do not have to be members of BNI to benefit from the donation


Certificates of Credit – Only new members paying the joining fee are counted towards qualification of a chapter.

Chapter Launches – Any new chapters that launch during the initiative can participate in the initiative. However, any members that have joined prior to the launch/(i.e. in the core group phase) are not included towards the 4 or 6 new members.

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